For EMERGENCIES and OTHER AFTER-HOURS NEEDS, call the church office at 499-0557. Our phone system is equipped to give you general information with a variety of different options when you call the church office (499-0557) after regular hours. If you experience a hospital admission, death in the family or other emergency, Thalia Lynn pastors are on call to assist you with your needs. Just contact the church office for information on the name and phone number of the "on call" pastor for the week.

Support Staff    
     Heather Garner

Ministry Assistant
Office Manager

757.499.0557 x206

     Teresa Councill

Financial Assistant
Business Assistant

757.499.0557 x205

     Gary Tutt

Facilities Manager

757.499.0557 x207

     Antonio Tutt

Facilities Assistant

757.499.0557 x207
Ministerial Staff    
    Prentis McGoldrick Senior Pastor
757.499.0557 x202
     David Doyle Executive Pastor
757.499.0557 x203
     Perry Crouch Associate Pastor,
Christian Education                       

757.499.0557 x210

     Bret Woodall Music Minister
757.499.0557 x214
     Sharon Walpole Seniors Minister
757.499.0557 x213
     Shane Faircloth Youth Minister
757.499.0557 x212
     Julie Phelps Kids Minister

757.499.0557 x205